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My 3p's on DockerInc

(Developer11) #1

I (me) have been using Docker for more than 3 years and - as the time goes by - I became more and more frustrated.

First there was nice enviromnent to launch semi-virtualized apps. But than some fuckin idiot created a company that (as with any company) took over (and change 180 degrees) direction Docker was steadily following…

The took over was the point when things started to going downwards - more & more things stopped working, each new release contained new, unfixed, bugs, general quality shrank…

And now - closure of Docker Cloud (where was common sense during DockerCloud’s launch? Nowhere…).

MobyProject? What the fuck is this? And why Google directs to Moby’s repo when searching for Docker repo? Is Moby kind of replacement? And where is proper repo for Docker?