NASA Space Robotics Challenge (SRC) Assistance Needed by Many Teams

Starting here in general discussion but admins move to another section if you feel it’s appropriate.

The SRC is a current competition being held by NASA. It started last fall with 90 teams. Forty submitted qualifying entities. The top twenty are in the final competition. We have to run our entry on AWS as a Docker image. Probably 18 of the 20 teams have no experience with Docker and the requirement came as a surprise to most of us.

We need help, collectively, to get our Docker images ready by June 8/9 for practice and 13 June for the actual competition, which runs until the 16th. The competition software developers are helping with guidance but they are also scrambling to finish the competition software.

A special section here would be ideal but I realize probably not possible. How can we tap into the collective knowledge here to get Docker running our code first on the desktop and then on AWS? I know it is a lot to ask but we really need expert support 24/7 as you can see from the timelines. This isn’t lack of planning on the part of the teams. We didn’t know this requirement until a couple weeks ago.

Here’re the links to the competition and the AWS configuration we need to use.

I’m doing C++ and others Python. Basic requirements are ROS Indigo and OpenCV2 plus possibly other libraries. OS is Ubuntu 14.04.

I personally have ROS running locally on Docker but am uncertain how to get my application into there and start it running. I prefer to load the executable to run it there. How do I get all the C++ libraries loaded, assuming I do need to do that? That is the level of question were dealing with right now. I’m sure they will get harder as attempts move ahead. I know these are basic questions but bluntly we don’t have the time to dig into and read all the documentation, as much as I’d like to since Docker seems fascinating.