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Need advice for MEAN stack app

I need to figure out how to deploy my application. My front end is written in node, my back end is a graphql server that returns data from my mongo Atlas db.

I want to have one source code to maintain for the client and one for the server side.

When a client signs up another instance of the app needs to be created.

Each instance is heavily db dependent for application variables to be populated.

Also each instance will have individual environment variables needed to run each individual instance of the app.

Each instance of the app needs to be able to communicate with other instances.

After doing a lot of reading I have figured Docker can help me do this but I am really new to Docker and don’t really have the time to keep googling how to do something when I can’t even ask the right questions.

Not only that but I can’t get Docker to run on my W10Ed laptop. I have tried over and over and even upgraded my version and still no luck.

Any help with this would be appreciated. Someone here has to understand what I’m trying to do. Get free Bitcoin