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Need Help,Container Per User, Remote Desktop, Triggered Run

(Amghclever) #1

I’ve a scenario like this:

1 Physical Ubuntu Server 16.04 ,16 Core, 32 GB Ram, and a Nvidia Titan X 12GB

4 Console PC for Regular Works and Remote To Server

I want to use the server as a deep learning computation server, with some docker containers for individuals who run the codes on server via ssh or better xrdp from the consoles.

through my studies i considered that i have two options:

  • One:
    Create a separate user profile for each user, permit them to remote to their profile and start and stop their own container

  • Two:
    Assign one container per user, set ip and etc; for this there are some ambiguities:

    • 1.Is there anyway to trigger containers start on remote call to save performance
    • 2.Is it possible to RDP to a container
    • 3.Is it possible to shutdown a container from inside it
    • 4.How about auto stopping idle container

Any guide will be helpful!

(Archimedes Trajano) #2

Are their containers supposed to run servers or simply compute then exit? If it is the later then you can use Jenkins or similar to run a “build” within a docker container . The build will simply be their computations and will exit and save any artifacts wanted in the end.

If they are building servers then perhaps using Portainer to provide a UI for them to load their containers would be more appropriate.