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Need MySQL 5.0.41 image

(Simonsharry) #1


I need a Docker image for MySQL 5.0.41 that I can run on Ubuntu 16.04.

This image is not available here:

When a new Docker user runs into this situation, what does he do:

  • Wait for the image to become available?
  • Contact the vendor (MySQL in this case)?
  • Or, create one himself because it is very straightforward?

Also, for non-expert end-users like myself (who are not expert in tracking and resolving package and OS dependencies), are there any technical constraints to building Docker images for very old packages (eg MySQL 5.0.41 in my case) that are to run on latest OSes (eg Ubuntu 16.04 in mycase)?

Thanks in advance,

(Jeff Anderson) #2


Without knowing the specific details of the mysql official image, my guess is that the versions they have are only currently supported versions of mysql.

It is very doable to create an image with an older version of mysql installed. You could take a look at how the existing image is built by looking here:

You can then use that as a guide to create your own image, but for an image with the version you are interested in.

I’d recommend going through the docker docs a bit to familiarize yourself with docker’s major concepts. Image building is covered here:

Hopefully this will get you pointed in the right direction.