Networking between containers on different hosts

Hey There,

We would like to know if there’s a native solution for creating private network between containers on different hosts.

As mentioned on your documentation, each host creates its own private network using internal subnet mask. only for the containers that it runs.
How can I access different containers from different hosts using their “private IP Address” ,

I’ve read a bit about it and found the following 3rd parties solutions

  • Rancher - Which provides Network Agents using HA Proxy
  • Open vSwitch.

But we would rather not to use a 3rd party solution at the moment.

Do you have any intention to solve this ?

Here is a typical use case - when I launch a bunch of Instances in AWS under the same VPC or Subnet, and I’d wish to provide a low-latency networking between containers which run on these bunch of servers.


With the upcoming docker 1.8 version docker would have networking inbuilt for containers to speak to each other on the the same host or across host. Currently you can also use weave which can also be launched as a plugin to docker.