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[Networking] Services not seeing each other - possible weave issue?


(Abdavid) #1

I have - in this particular case - two services running on different nodes orchestrated by dockercloud.

These two nodes are BYON CentOS 7.4 with latest patches applied.

I have inspected each docker hosts network “dockercloud” and my services are all on subnet and I can see that my services are listed as being on and respectively but they cannot reach each other…

I tried searching for similar issues, and found some but they where incomplete and closed without stating what resolved the issue.

What am I missing here?

(Abdavid) #2

The other thing also is that the docker cloud documentation states the following;

Internal overlay network
Docker Cloud creates a per-user overlay network which connects all containers across all of the user’s hosts. This network connects all of your containers on the subnet, and gives every container a local IP. This IP persists on each container even if the container is redeployed and ends up on a different host. Every container can reach any other container on any port within the subnet.

And from that I can see between my nodes and services this is absolutely not the case.