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Never ending autobuild jobs


Since today’s morning, all my autobuild jobs that were started are staying in progress forever. In the logs, looks like everything went well and it says “Build finished” (the image is also pushed to hub), but the task never ends and this is causing my queue of jobs to grow as new builds are still waiting to execute.

Are we facing some kind of downtime today? I couldn’t find any alert in the status site.

I also tried to kill the never ending jobs, but they also stay in the “killing” process (blinking gray symbol) forever.



I’m having the same problem. My builds say in progress forever, then they cancel forever and now i created a new Repo just to try get my files to build but its taking incredibly long.

Dockerhub seems to be very unstable, a few days ago none of my images would even start building it would just freeze and also all my build history on my builds disappeared.


Seems related to Automated Build is shown as loading from past one hour. Is there any technical issue or reason for the same