New to Docker and Docker Swarm

Hello :slight_smile:

First post in this forum and just getting my teeth in to containers, docker and docker swarm.

Our business is exclusively MS running on-premise VMware and a traditional MS stack (Server / SQL / IIS / MVC apps etc.)

I’ve built a lab to play with Server 2016 (which is the newest OS we’re licensed for) and have a 3 node swarm setup and very quickly discovered the lack of mesh network, though has a good play with nginx and docker overall.

Still PLENTY of learning to get through, though my dev team would love to start playing with containers and microservices etc… I want to get my head around potential architecture and direction before we allow too much time on this, though I can really see the benefits of this technology!

I’m interested in people’s opinion on target architecture give we’re on-premise with a heavy investment in VMware and MS. It just seems a little odd to deploy 3 VMs (over 3 hosts) to advertise Server 2016 and add Docker + Docker Swarm (e.g. Bare metal, hypervisor, OS, then you get to containers!).

AM I over thinking this and given we’ve not got Enterprise class Linux skills, it’s actually OK?

Thoughts appreciate!