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*New to Docker* Setting up Autodesk Inventor to run on Docker

(Paul Handy) #1

Either I am severely lacking in my ability to perform a web search or perhaps no one has been exploring this avenue, but I want to explore the possibility of using docker to run Windows applications in linux. My specific need in this case is to create an Autodesk Inventor container (which means a windows base image, .NET 4.5, Direct3D, and Excel dependencies). I am not looking to pirate anyone’s software or anything like that. I just want to run Inventor on linux, with as few windows dependencies as possible.

I appreciate anyone’s help moving forward here, with basic steps. My understanding thus far is that I first need to make a windows container somehow. Then, after that do i make a dockerfile that will run the installation of my dependencies and Inventor? Can docker do the graphical installation properly?

Please, forgive my ignorance. This is my first time actually taking a look at docker.

(Sam) #2

From my knowledge, Docker uses the same kernel for clients and hosts. This means your linux host can only run linux container (and docker only runs on linux).

I think you need to use something like VirtualBox or KVM, which lets you run any OS inside the virtual machine.

(Sven Dowideit) #3


At this point, Docker containers only run on Linux, so to run Windows applications, you need to do some research into using Wine, or running a virtual machine inside a container (weird, but possible) - which may or may not work with something as complicated as Autodesk.

The plan for Windows containers is to have them run on a Windows system - not to emulate Windows on Linux.

So - its possible - if it runs in Wine.