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New UI container logs does not support ANSI color codes

(Raman Gupta) #1

Some feedback on the new UI: container logs in the new UI do not support ANSI color escapes. The old UI shows the correct colors.

(Ryan Kennedy) #2

Thanks, @rocketraman - we are tracking this issue and will add support in the near future.

(Energisk) #3

When will we be nearer the future?

(J) #4

Is the future near enough now?

(Dkoo761) #5

Yes, we are also waiting for this. We’re using BDD with Chimp/Cucumber and it uses a lot of colors in the logs (green for pass, red for fail, etc). Due to the ugly color code conversion it currently displays like this:

Master Chimp and become a testing Ninja! Check out our course: e[39me[4me[34m
[chimp] Running...e[39m
[chimp] @e2e scenarios ...e[39m