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New UI: From service to stack

(Jesse) #1

First, nice job on the new UI, its very slick.

I have a request and a few observations about navigation. Typically I navigate to a specific service or container by clicking “Stacks> my stack > my service > my container.” From there, I would like to see the stack in which that service is running to be prominent and clickable. At the moment I find the hierarchy between stacks, services, and individual containers is not clear in the UI, and that aside from the back button, its difficult to navigate back up from a service to a stack.

I would like to see something like a bread crumb navigation, so I can quickly see where I am, and jump to higher levels.

(Paalmoest) #2

Yes, this is an issue I`m also facing with the new UI. Simple bread crumbs would solve it :slight_smile:

(Peterlauri) #3

The new UI would need plenty of feature requests, as it is not an enhanced experience at this moment. Stop trying to be responsive, make it an informative and productive UI.

(Will Stern) #4

Breadcrumbs would be a huge addition

The other issue I keep bumping against is difficulty finding services in the services view.
We’re only running about 15 services duplicated across 2 regions, but it’s pretty tough to navigate through 4 pages of services. If we did true microservices with dozens of tiny services, it would be really tough. One of these would help:

  • search/filter for services (would be the ideal)
  • a select dropdown to make use of the limit/page_size param (adding ?page_size=50 helps a lot)
  • or a “slim” view that allows a lot of services to be visible.

(Kickingthetv) #5

Thanks for taking the time to give feedback on our New UI.

There are a ton of small changes we’re implementing that should greatly increase the usability, and there are features for filtering, searching, and better organizing your various objects on their way.

We want you to be able to easily organize, find, and manage many objects.

If anyone has further feedback for the new UI or feature requests, please feel free to email me at

(Bartq) #6

To be honest, new UI is one of the worst I’ve seen recently in a new product. What happened?

It even makes me think to resign from using Docker Cloud if that’s the future :confused:

(Jesse) #7

I disagree, its much cleaner design. Regardless of your opinion, you are better served by providing constructive criticism.