New user [documentation bad]

I am no spring chicken to coding or working repositories or whatever.
to be blunt your documentation is lousy.

Simple commands and process management is way too complicated.
How complicated? “Dick stuck in ceiling fan”

first off can you provide a colorized command structure? your commands are dense, and require further explanation. I can assume they do what a normal command does but it is obvious they do not based on your conventions.

second do not mix windows and linux in one paragraph. I can assume that the commands work in both, but It is confusing as written.

to obtain a basic ip address I must enter a complex command (randomizing a docker image ip is a pain and pinning or setting a default ip is depressingly difficult even looking at the documentation. just set as local and root user for default. KISS keep it simple silly)

“docker ps” is fantastic, it is easily the most useful command you have! however the documentation tells me nothing! A explanation of a CID would be nice, after a while I figured out its basically the same as PS… oh wait it is because I can kill it with "docker kill ps(cid)"
Command ID/Process

I feel like I’m working with GitHub the vm. everytime I also try to update it just pulls anyway and sets some dumb name like “small_mcclintock”(which means “meaningless” and “waste of space” to me) just shove the ip address in that space and that is the only command i need.

so after spending a few hours learning to work with this baremetal vm system its still annoyingly over-complicated.