New User with a "simple" problem (Hopefuly)

So I haven’t even used Docker before, but I have recieved a mostly built application, that I now need to “containerize” I’m a compleate noob but I’m shure I can remady that. My issue is that the one part of the aplication that was not custom created, Is a small windows executable program that just opens a termanal for a brief few seconds and processes a pdf file, I want to know if there is a product or program that I can use in tandom with this executable to alow me to run this exe with docker on any platform I choose to use?

Feel free to ask me more details if needed.

Thanks in advance.

Maybe this helps, but I guess not.
On the other hand, maybe you can find a linux tool for it. Or you use monokrome/docker-wine or similar, but I’m not sure how you would integrate the whole application to this. Perhaps you can write a simple service available over http which covers the conversion, and link the containers together.