Newbie-ish best practice for documenting builds and composes

Fairly new to Docker coming from the VM world. Love Docker. Seeking replies from the experienced on best practices for documenting images and composes - comments in Dockerfiles and yml’s ? Labels on images ? What do other people do (what works well over a period) ? With VM’s I have my own shell scripts to maintain notes on each VM but that has its problems - formality seems to be better. I have read that attaching labels adds storage layers so may not be best.

I have found over a week or so experimenting that image/container names and tags are not enough for my brain to remember why I built an image. README files in the directories with one directory managing each use of an image ? What do other people do ?

All suggestions and experience welcome.


btw: in passing - this editing widget doesn’t seem to work too well in Safari or Firefox, no idea why but not a big deal.