Newbie needs help

Hey :slight_smile:

i have to format and create two partitions on the harddrive and install boot2docker on it. The System is a standalone machine and always has 32 GB of SSD storage. This should all happen automatically.
Since this is the docker forum and not a unix forum, this question maybe not placed here correctly but i just cant find anyone who could help me.

I am sorry for posting this here. If it violates your policies i will remove it immediately.

You might find it easier to install a standard Linux distribution, then install Docker on top of it. Do you have a specific reason you must use the boot2docker image?

but this would not be automated. i dont want any user input, only putting in the usb drive and powering up

and i also dont want to dd the image to the harddrive. i want to format it before, or is there a option to automatically deploy a container that only runs one time (for creating partitions)?

You would never run a Docker container that creates disk partitions; one of the main goals of Docker is to isolate containers from things like the host’s block devices. In the environment you’re talking about, where you control the entire filesystem environment on your boot device, that’s doubly true.

What benefits were you hoping to get from using Docker here?