Newbie question: Developement architecture


I’m quite new to docker and only used docker-engine and compose till now. But now I’m getting lost when I want to scale this a little bit. Let me explain my needs:

I want to have local dev environment which should allow me to run multiple pluggable containers.
I’m currently using compose to achieve this but it’s quite static. What I want is to be able to launch a docker image only when I need it, but I need it to plug to other already running docker image. And I want them to be accessible by local dns name, so I need some kind of proxy or load balancer. It seems this can be done with docker cloud or docker control plane. But how can I do this on my local dev machine ?
I want to be able to simulate production like behavior with multiple instances running as if they were separate servers but with only one access point.

I’m not sure if this is very clear, it’s not for me. There’s so many tools in docker I don’t know where to look.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Take a look at and see if it might help you with your needs.

People also do DNS tricks with dnsmasq and various other programs that mess around with local DNS.

Thanks, I haven’t see your response earlier.

I’ll have a look on this.