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NewUI: Link Aliases no longer working

(Ograhl) #1

Hi, as it appears, we cannot use aliases for linked containers as in

    - foo-mysql:mysql

in the new UI.

Trying to set up this link in the new UI doesn’t let me change the alias. I can ony set it up as foo-mysql:foo-mysql. The input box for the alias (on the right side) seems to be read-only (using FF).

Trying to set up this link in a stack file does not work either. The link gets ignored, and misses from the stack file afterwards.

Setting up the link in the old UI works. But, in the new UI, it then gets displayed in a wrong way, as MYSQL:MYSQL.


(Pukkasoftware) #2

In the stack file, you might try single-quoting:

  - 'foo-mysql:mysql'

I find my files sometimes get rewritten this way. There are however, some issues with links as described here in the latest 1.11 Docker release: [Resolved] Ever since I upgraded docker engine to 1.11 my links are on and off