Nginx container bound to windows host but no data is actually stored or read from this bound directory

I want to run a reverse-proxy with nginx and reroute clients to their specific dockers inside the specified docker network. the problem is somehow the nginx containers I creat don’t actually communicate with the directories I have bound to inside my Windows (running On windows 11 / Docker Desktop v4.11.1) .
Though with the same binding method I have created a “nodered/node-red” container and it works perfectly and communicates the required data to outside of the container and back.
How can I fix this issue in nginx containers? because this would require me to log into the cli and edit everything from there which is a real hassle specially with testing and constant errors.

I also tried this guide to create my proxy : How to Use Nginx Reverse Proxy With Multiple Docker Apps (
but the same binding problem presents itself here too, also this docker-compose also fails as the reverse proxy runs ok but the SSL encryption service of this one keeps restarting without working and without any output in the log section.
So I can’t access the required files inside the container so far.
would appreciate any help as I fixed everything that was wrong with my task before but this one is hindering all of my efforts so far, and I am closing on to my deadline.
thanks again.

P.S.: I have watched 3 different training video sets and could not figure this out so far.

Thanks in advance