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Nginx version upgrade in existing docker image

I have single Docker image which has jetty, nginx and filebeat running in it. Now i want to upgrade the NGINX version but i dont have a Dockerfile from which base image was created.
I have tried to create Dockerfile from image but that didn’t help because the person who made it has used another image ID in it and i don’t have that image too.
Kindly assist how can i update nginx version in that image.

I have tried like that but that didn’t help as it gives “yum not found error”, as base image don’t have yum in it

FROM java-app-high:latest
RUN yum install nginx -y

hello wrasheed,

Did you try to find the corresponding Dockerfile of that image ?
In general, under the description of the image in the docker repository (docker hub), you can Supported tags and respective Dockerfile links. In that section, there are links of every dockerfiles. you can clone the corresponding gihub repository and make your change and build the image.

Best Regards,
Fouscou B.