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No access after a reboot

Hello together

I have already looked at various forums but somehow found nothing helpful…We have an ancient system (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS) which is running Docker 1.9.1. We are cleaning up (and upgrading) everything more and more. This is the last system. We have shut this down and restarted and now we have a problem. This is running a Docker container which is running Owncloud. It is accessed on the FQDN with port 8089 and then forwarded to port 443. This has worked without problems but since the reboot no longer. The former employee has unfortunately nothing documented and entered and now we are unfortunately here.

There is a startServer script which asks for the pass phrase when running, because this was also not saved somewhere, I have exchanged the .key and the .pem (wildcard).

I checked the running processes and saw that the docker-proxy is forwarding its job correctly. On the firewall it makes a forward. When I access the website I just get a “Connection Refused”. I somehow suspect that port 443 itself in the Docker container is the problem/is blocked. I have done some more checks that might help. But I really don’t know what could be the cause here. Does anyone here have an idea?

pktstat on interface docker0 → container IP


In the Docker container, the command

openssl s_client -showcerts -connect ${HOSTNAME}:443

returns the following output

connect: Connection refused
connect: errno=111

Sorry if this was too much info. But I like to give more info than too little. Thanks for helpful info!

With Curl I tested in the container if the port is really blocked. This works on

I effectively get a “Connection Refused” on the FQDN:8089 from my OwnCloud instance.