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No activity detected on VM, aborting


I have recently downloaded and installed docker for windows.

If I run windows containers, it runs fine. If I try to install on linux containers (or swap from windows to linux) it just fails and I get the following error:

No activity detected on VM, aborting
at Docker.Core.Pipe.NamedPipeClient.Send(String action, Object parameters) in C:\workspaces\stable-18.09.x\src\github .com\docker\pinata\win\src\Docker.Core\pipe\NamedPipeClient.cs:line 36
at Docker.Actions.<>c__DisplayClass28_0.b__0() in C:\workspaces\stable-18.09.x\src\github .com\docker\pinata\win\src\Docker.Windows\Actions.cs:line 305
at Docker.WPF.TaskQueue.<>c__DisplayClass19_0.<.ctor>b__1() in C:\workspaces\stable-18.09.x\src\github .com\docker\pinata\win\src\Docker.WPF\TaskQueue.cs:line 59

I am runnning 18.09.1

I have seen some older posts, but they refer to earlier versions or use toolbox.
I have tried to reinstall, clear everything I can, create a public virtual switch on hyper-V, reset the file sharing on the adapter, and anything else that people could suggest, but it makes no difference.

I can’t even get started with docker.

Can anyone shed any light? Or maybe I am just fighting an unwinnable battle here and I should just embrace windows containers, if there isn’t really a difference between the two options?