No DNS on a MACVLAN network that is on a VLAN interface

I have setup 3 docker MacVLAN networks on 3 different VLAN devices on the 1 physical lan device.

docker network create -d macvlan -o parent=eno1.50 --subnet --gateway myvlan50
docker network create -d macvlan -o parent=eno1.80 --subnet --gateway myvlan80
docker network create -d macvlan -o parent=eno1.90 --subnet --gateway myvlan90

When I start my docker containers on the MACVLAN networks, DNS does not work!.

The /etc/resolv.conf file within the docker container only has
options ndots:0

I have tried adding a dns entry within my docker-compose file but the dns still does not work and the /etc/resolv.conf does not pick the dns entry up.

I believe dns does work when I create a docker macvlan network on the physical network eno1 interface.

I hadn’t setup an outgoing NAT rule on my router for the new VLAN interface