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No logs are showing in the log storage account

(Bmmathe) #1

Expected behavior

I should see log files generated by the swarm in my log storage account.

Actual behavior

No log files are in the log storage account.

Additional Information

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. Run the template to provision swarm.
  2. Run a container that outputs to the console.

Is there anyway to troubleshoot the editions_logger container? When I run docker logs on this container there is no output.

(Bdabburi3091) #2

No log files are showing in the log storage account. Any updates on this issue

(Jdecost1) #3

I wanted to see if anyone has figured this issue out? I also can’t find logs within the files section on Azure.


Same issue here. I am running 18.03.0-ce.

When I go to 55hx2yggwey7wlogs - Files - docker4azurelogs I see an empty list but I can see the logs when I do docker service logs <service name>

Maybe the following has something to do with the problem?
$ docker logs -f --timestamps editions_logger
2019-01-02T01:12:50.599979000Z No handlers could be found for logger “”