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"No nodes available to do builds"

(Phubar) #1

I am following the guide at to set up our own builder nodes instead of using Docker Cloud’s infrastructure (beta).

Through the Docker Cloud UI, I create a new node cluster, add the deploy label “builder”, change the repo’s build settings to “build on my own nodes” instead of “build on docker cloud’s infrastracture”, and that causes all builds to fail with “No nodes available to do builds”.

Am I interpreting the instructions incorrectly?


(Phubar) #2

Any pointers from the Docker team would be appreciated. The hosted beta servers have become much too slow - I’d be happy to pay for that feature when it’s production-ready but still have to be able to compare.

Today is particularly bad with cancellation of this build taking over half an hour:

(Phubar) #3

This issue is resolved. My guess is that it was caused by different owners between the repository and the builder nodes: The repo is owned by our organization account, while the nodes were owned by my personal account (as you could not run nodes using an org account until recently). Now that everything is running under the org account, it seems to be working fine.

The first run improved our build time from upwards of 17 minutes (often over 20) to 5 minutes!