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No "tmpfs" option for services in docker cloud


(Konstantincodes) #1

Docker Cloud offers no option to attatch a “tmpfs” to containers.

In our Application it is critical, that data created during the runtime of a container is not available, when it restarts.

We use the

--tmpfs /tmp:rw,nodev,nosuid,noexec,mode=1777

flag to accomplish this.

One possible solution might be to utilize the

autodestroy: always

directive in the docker cloud stackfile. The trouble with that is just the conflict with another directive, which we are using:

restart: always

When I try to add both directives to my stack, the following error message appears:

Invalid autorestart/autodestroy choices: cannot set autodestroy to ALWAYS if autorestart is ALWAYS

Is there any way of achieving the same result in docker cloud?

kind regards