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Node became Unreachable


(Traxxs) #1

yesterday one of my node was flagged as Unreachable in DockerCloud.
It’s still possible to ssh onto that node but once there it’s not possible to issue any single docker command (the command hangs and does not provide any reply).
Should the restart of the dockercloud-agent fix the thing ? Does the whole node needs to be rebooted ?
At the same time, got a 404 error when requesting help from the support (!).
Thanks a lot,

(Andrew) #2

Usually you can just restart the agent, but I have had to restart the node before. Sometimes it actually will just come back on its own.

Docker knows about the issue, and it has been there as long as DockerCloud/Tutum has existed.

(Traxxs) #3

Thanks, this is what I’ve done. It worked fine.

But I had the same problem a couple of days ago and them it did not work that fine. I then moved away from DockerCloud sooner than I though I would :wink: