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Node Cluster Update Fail

(Netbeast) #1


I’m trying to create a node-cluster with AWS. I configure the node-cluster to be built with one node. However when its done I see this:

Then I try to update the cluster to have a node and then I recieve this message

“Error: Node cluster Update Failed”

How can I solve this problem? Thanks

(Guguss) #2

Same thing here trying to deploy to AWS.

I’ve followed the get started guide but I always get:

  • INFO! Node Cluster Deploy In progress


  • ERROR! Node Cluster Deploy Failed

No idea what to do here, since there is nothing useful nor any logs…

(Czechjiri) #3

this is what I see in my error logs while doing the same…

[7/18/2016, 12:28:25 PM]ERROR: No billing info for user *****. Please enter your credit card details

adding valid billing info without switching to paid plan fixed it for me