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Node/Cluster Wizard throws "Errors"

Hi all,

So I have my account tied into my AWS account according to the documentation. When I go through the Node Wizard to create a small node it keeps throwing an ERROR popup with no explanation whatsoever. I have all the instance and AWS info all filled out (and it is pulling my AWS credentials with no problems either) but just says ERROR.

Any idea? I’d love to get this up and running to see how it works.


Hi Allen,

I am seeing exactly the same problem as you. I have created an IAM role precisely as the docker cloud documentation explains. I can connect docker cloud to AWS using this role and its associated policy. I then try to create a new node cluster. After supplying all the correct information and clicking on “Launch node cluster”, I get a box with the single word “Errors” in big bold text, but nothing else! Nothing. No errors, no description of what went wrong.
I have tried this in both Chrome and Firefox - they both produce the exact same problem.


Glad to see I’m not the only one! I’ve moved on and am working with the Amazon CS itself and it’s pretty nice. Going to try some other system as well.