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Node loosing connection

(Mwaaas) #1

I have been experiencing intermintent issue with node loosing connection. since yesterday. am using azure as my host provider.

Anyone experiencing the same issue.

(Guido Vilariño) #2

+1 I’ve also been experiencing this and have received no meaningful answer from support, even when on paid plan.

(Jgranstrom) #3

Is it outgoing requests from your services that are experiencing issues?

Which version of docker are you running?

(Mwaaas) #4

keep on getting notification on lost node. am using the latest docker
version. think its 11. something will confirm later

(Jgranstrom) #5

Are you using any custom dns server like consul? Check your /var/log/dockercloud/agent.log and see if theres any connection issues to docker cloud. If so check your host /etc/resolv.conf have you done any changes to it?

Also how’s your firewalling?

(Mwaaas) #6

am not using any dns server. just using vanilar docker-cloud

(Arnaud de Mouhy) #7

Same here, receiving regular lost connection to node emails

(Guido Vilariño) #8

This still happening, any feedback?