Noob learning backend of Docker and tools

The IBM software I have supported is moving to containers. I have watched videos and read documentation but most of it is based around a system already configured and installed. So it just shows how to run basic Docker commands.

Since it is IBM of course the instructions are based around OpenShift. Which are OC commands. I am looking for a more in depth course focused on Installation, configuration and translation of commands across various Client tools. A very simple example from Operating systems “Dir” DOS command vs “ls” Linux command.

I hope I am making sense. Need a course that goes over Implementation, possible software tools and how they work together or similar tools the differences and conversions.

Thank You for your time,

I am afraid you need to be way more specific.

If you are interessted in learning docker, this self-paced training is highly recommended.

Though Openshift is a kubernetes distribution - that does not use docker (anymore).

Meyay, Your reply does help as you touched on a few differences. OpenShift is a flavor of Kubernetes, just for OpenShift. This is the stuff I do not find in any of the Training or documentation. At least not the ones I have found. Also a comparison of like tools. Tools like Swarm I assume there are similar tools that do the same thing. Looking for training that explains the various tools/application and differences. Most training I have found focuses on the one the author uses.

Maybe there are some paid subscription that can get me to that kind of deep dive training on Tools/Application that surround Docker & Kubernetes?

Thanks again for your time and reply,

I am afraid you will need to google for comparision of kubernetes distributions. Usualy people find their favorite distribution and stick to it, or use whatever the company or project mandates. I personaly prefer managed kuberntes clusters of hyperscalers, like EKS from AWS.

The page i posted earlier has an excellent self-paced training for kuberentes as well: Deploying and Scaling Microservices with Docker and Kubernetes

The two self-paced trainings should give you a good foundation about docker and kubernetes concepts and how both are used and the tooling around them.