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Noob needs help with persistent data storage

I am a complete Docker noob, but am currently running various containers on my Synology DS920+. I have one in particular (CumulusMX) that I need help with, and can’t seem to figure it out, even with lots of Google-Fu. I think the proper term is “persistent data”? I want to change or rebuild the existing container to “remap” the following folders for easier access in the main volume of the NAS:

/CumulusMX/data to /opt/CumulusMX/data
/CumulusMX/backup to /opt/CumulusMX/backup
/CumulusMX/Reports to /opt/CumulusMX/Reports

This is the image I deployed: Docker Hub

How do I do this? Please keep it as simple as possible. I am IT savvy, but still figuring out Docker. Thanks!

Please, share code instead of a link to a docker image without any description.

I am not sure this is what you want to figure out but I think you need bind mounts or volumes. Try to search for these keywords here on the forum or in the Docker documentation. Since you asked us to keep it simple, I wait until you tell me if I understood you correctly