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Old robot and docker

Hello everyone
I have an old robot that only works on ubuntu 14.04 and want to work with a new interface that can only be installed on Ubuntu 18.04 or higher. I have heard that working with both of these is possible if I use docker. So, I want to communicate with the robot from a desktop that has Ubuntu 18.04 and with docker, connect to the robot. I have listened to free tutorials for docker and learned about docker containers and images but still cannot imagine how this is possible. Can you a little explain how I can do this or give me a better tutorial so I understand the concept better for my own application?
Thank you very much.


What you want to do, is creating an image where you use Ubuntu:14.04 as a base image, and then you add your own application to it.

An image recipe, is called a Dockerfile Dockerfile reference | Docker Documentation
A simple example of this would be

FROM ubuntu:14.04
RUN apt-get update && apt-get -y install ....

When you then have build your image, you can start a container, from the image you build with your application, with the ports opened if needed.