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Oops! Service 'discovery': The URL provided '' was not a link to a valid resource

(Editshare) #1

Using given stackfile:


I am hitting the following error:

Oops!Service ‘discovery’: The URL provided ‘’ was not a link to a valid resource.

Am I missing something? It works with “image: busybox” though.

It is a properly configured secure v2 registry with Basic auth which works fine locally.
The secure certificate was created with LetsEncrypt, and I wonder if this might be the source of the issue?

Adding the same image via Repositories >> Add from third party registry works fine,
although when I go to launch it as service I’m getting “Oops!The requested resource was not found (404)” and I noticed “Image tags” input field gives “Error loading tags” instead of the list of tags.

Having looked into the logs of the registry container I can find records such as: - - [20/Mar/2016:11:25:20 +0000] "GET /v2/discovery/manifests/latest HTTP/1.1" 200 21452 "" "tutum-app/13.0.0"

but nothing new appears when I want to launch the service from the Cloud UI and the 404 error pops up, which suggests that the request for tags is not reaching the server at all.