Option for Cloudstor plugin to not delete file share on removal of volume?

Observed behavior

When using cloudstor:azure to mount a pre-existing File share of a file storage account, removing the volume will delete the file share. Is it possible to set an option to ensure that the pre-existing File share is not deleted?

My review of the options listed at https://docs.docker.com/docker-for-azure/persistent-data-volumes/#volume-options appears to indicate this is not possible

Steps to reproduce the behavior

When using cloudstor:azure to mount a file storage account, I am able to mount to an existing File Share by using the share driver specific option

docker volume create -d "cloudstor:azure" -o share=<share_name> <volume_name>

However if I subsequently delete the volume using

docker volume rm <volume_name>

the File Share <share_name> will be removed from the file storage account. In some use cases it would be preferred not to delete the pre-existing File Share.

Experiencing the same thing. The files in an azure storage account should not be blindly smoked if you remove a volume. This seems analogous to mounting and NFS share… should “unmount” smoke the data in the share? No, neither should this.

I observed the same behaviour. This makes using docker volumes quite risky as it could delete the original share.

should we expect a fix or do something about it soon ?