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Organization accounts

(Alex Nederlof) #1

We’re really excited to start using Docker cloud at our startup. I wanted to use our organization from Docker hub but it seems like Docker Cloud is bound to one account? Meaning we have to share a email/password combination between our developers. Is that going to change?

(Fauzan Ariffin) #2

Hi @alexnederlof…We are working on getting the organization & team permission intergrated into Docker Cloud. However, there is no ETA at the moment.

(Alex Nederlof) #3

Ok thanks! We’ll just share an account until then. No biggy.

(Leidegre) #4

That cool.

Just wanted to say that it could really do a lot of good. I’ve been able to set up CI builds with a breeze using the Docker Cloud Builder and GitHub integration. It works really, really well.

Super excited about teams!


(Dylangrafmyre) #5

Any update on this? Maybe you should remove the advertising for small application teams in the pricing page?

This is a really important issue. I tested this out for a client and got them signed up with a docker hub org account and now they cannot go forward with docker-cloud due to missing team integration. Expected this would be in place due to the advertising on your pricing page :frowning:


(Dylangrafmyre) #6

Also, if decide to share a single account, will they be able to move it over to an organizational account like in docker hub. It would be really rough if they had to tear down all the config in place from using the shared single account when moving to the proper team account. Billing wise, node and stack wise.

(Dylangrafmyre) #7

Found the answer here: Docker Hub company login