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Organization - Can't set up automated build

(Stephen ) #1

I’ve just created an organization where I have ‘owner’ privileges, however when I click ‘automated build’ in the organization repo’s it says it’s already linked to my personal BitBucket account.

I have a private repo in my own account that is linked to the BitBucket account, so it’s detected those settings for that repo than for the empty organization repos.

The users/organizations bar is grey and has nothing below it.

Any ideas on how I can set the ‘Automated Build’ BitBucket repo for the organization? I can’t see anywhere else to set it.

(Fauzan Ariffin) #2

You can only linked one Github/BitBucket account.

To create an Automated Build for a Organization:

  • Go to your organization dashboard
  • Click the Create button on the upper-right (besides your profile pic).
  • Choose Create Automated Build
  • Choose your repo that you like to pull from
  • On the Setup an Automated Build page, make sure your organization is selected.

(Crramirez) #3


I have the same problem as Stephen. When I try to create an automated build I can see my GitHub repositories but no the repositories for the organization in github.

I found the solution here: Can't access new GitHub organization for Automated builds