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Overlay network in Docker Cloud

(Arun Gupta) #1

Following up from here …

Any plans of when will overlay network be supported in Docker Cloud?


(Fernando Mayo) #2

Hello Arun,

Selecting “bridge” connects containers to the Docker bridge and to the overlay network we create automatically across all the account’s nodes. Selecting “host”, it will attach containers to the host network namespace but the overlay IPs will also be available from those containers. We will make this clearer on the UI and docs.

As a side note, we are working to natively support all Docker Engine options without translation moving forward.


(Arun Gupta) #3

Good to know but this is indeed very confusing as I would not expect that.

When do you expect the options to be cleaned up?

(Fernando Mayo) #4

I have opened an internal ticket and it will be clarified in the UI soon.

Thanks for raising this issue.