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Passing DNS search setting to containers

(Dusterio) #1

Hey guys!

When you start a Docker container manually, you can pass ‘dns-search’ parameter and that will land in container’s /etc/resolv.conf file.

Do you know if there is any way, high level or low level, to do the same from Docker Cloud?

(Fernando Mayo) #2

Hey @dusterio,

At the moment Docker Cloud uses the DNS search option to make its service discovery work, so it’s not open to the user to be modified currently. We are working to use Docker’s native service discovery in a future release and expose this option to the user when this happens.

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(Iteamnetworkdc) #3

@fermayo Good to hear. What is the recommendation for DNS “service” service-discovery when you need high throughput? 1000+ concurrent users. We are getting timeouts when using the service name for resolution, but if we hard code the IP, we get high throughput.

EDIT: To add to this, we are seeing spikes for 50% for the weave process when pushing load tests through.

Would just like to know the recommendation in this case.


(Iteamnetworkdc) #4

Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

(Imjosh2) #5

I linked to this for you in another thread, but for the sake of anyone else that finds this thread, I did this to solve the problem: