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Passing in app config using volumes


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Hi all. I’ve been working on learning Docker for the past couple of days and I have to say, it seems very interesting.

I’ve been trying to deploy a web app I built that requires an application config to be passed into it. The approach I’ve taken is using volumes to mount the file into the machine the image is running on. Something like this:

docker run -v //c/users/me/configuration.js:/usr/src/app/configuration.js my-image

This works quite well when run on my development machine. Now I’m learning how to do this using Docker Cloud. I’ve read as much documentation as I can find on volumes and mounting, but can’t seem to get this working in the cloud.

I know this is the critical step:

Container path is likely the second part of my command I pasted (/usr/src/app/configuration.js). I just can’t seem to sort out how I’m supposed to use host path to pass in my config file like I can on my development machine. I’m definitely missing something here.

How can I mount an application config file into a Docker container running in Docker Cloud?