Permission denied qbittorrent folder via samba (truenas)

i have installed qbittorrent (linuxserver/qbittorrent) in a portainer. it is under gluetun container, he it works through vpn. i have share a folder by samba truenas (IP/share /mnt/HDD cifs noperm,username=name,password=pass)
All work it, but qbittorrent doesn’t have the permission to access ad the folder, in fact if i try access via shell container, i don’t fine the folder HDD inside the mnt folder.
But if i try access via filemanger (another container) i can write and delete any folder or files inside /mnt/HDD.

It is a problem of permission of the qbittorrent?
I’ve been trying for two days but I can’t get it to work

i have insert the uid and gid in the enviroment variable, but it is not work

Can anyone help me?
Thank you