Please fix DockerCon 2022 video player speed button hover issue

I was trying to watch these videos on my iPad. While trying to put the video in full screen mode, I accidentally clicked the 1x button next to it, which switched the speed to 2x. No big deal, I thought. I’ll just change it back. I tried clicking that sucker for a good minute before giving up. I then went on my PC to see what’s going on and it turns out some genius made the 2x button a ‘hover’ only button. Meaning there is no way to click it. In their infinite wisdom they also decided to make a 1x button to work by clicking it. So you can switch to 2x, but you can never go back. I tried refreshing the page, watching a different video, signing out and back in, changing it to 1x on another device to see if it would update on the iPad. No success. Ended up having to clear Safari cache on the iPad, which is a pain because now I have to re-sign into all of my other websites.

TL:DR; Please add the click behavior to the speed button on your video player. Thanks.

I tried it and yes, it is impossible to change the speed back using a touch screen. Even if I reload the page, the speed remains “2x”. I tried Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

@evabojorges Is that something that Docker Inc can fix or report to the Cube365 team?
I watched the video on the cube365 home page. That one works.

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I’ve reported this to Cube365, thanks for bringing it up!

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