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Please note: nodes cannot be deployed to Digital Ocean without valid billing information in your account

(Pogopaule) #1

Please note: nodes cannot be deployed to Digital Ocean without valid billing information in your account.

This is the message I get if I try to create a node in Docker Cloud.

The logs tell me:

[7/25/2016, xx:xx:xx PM]ERROR: xxxxxxxxx: Digital Ocean returned an error: “422 Client Error: Unprocessable Entity for url:”. Have you provided valid billing information in your Digital Ocean account?

I already contacted the Digital Ocean support. They told me that my billing information is set up correctly and there should be no problem.

Does anyone else experience this problem? Does anyone have a solution?

(Emre Bogazliyanlioglu) #2

Hi pogopaule,
The first message you see on the Node Cluster Wizard page is an info message. It shows up when you select a provider which might have extra information about deploying a Node Cluster. It shows the link to that information. This is not an error.
Just to confirm, you filled all the required fields to create a NC on DO and you clicked “Launch node cluster”? Where did you see this error you mentioned above, in the browser console?

(Pogopaule) #3

Hi Emre,

thanks for your answer!

The message appears as soon as I select Digital Ocean as my Provider. I made a screenshot of the message. The URL of the link in the message is I have tripple checked my payment information on Digital Ocean. Everything ok there. The DO support confirmed that. I can start a DO Dropplet without any problem. The guys at DO told me that 3rd party apps like Docker Cloud should not have any problems either spinning up a Dropplet.

Thanks, Fabian

(Razvan Matei) #4

I have the same problem right now. DO account configured with PayPal and over 20 USD in credit. Still I get the same billing message. What was the resolution to this problem ? Thank you.

(Pogopaule) #5

I could not resolve the problem. The DO support referred me to the DC support team and the DC support team referred me to the DO support team :unamused:. My solution was to use