Portainer: Add container does not suggest/show local stored images

I’m a newbie to Docker and would like to apologize in advance if my question has been asked countless times and I’m just too dumb to find the question via search. :slight_smile:

I have Docker running on a Raspberry Pi 4 under the current Raspbian lite. Docker was installed with the install script and I have installed portainer current version 2.16.2.

In the images section I have already downloaded container images. In the images section, the already downloaded images are also automatically shown in the docker.io search box as already downloaded.

In all tutorials and videos I have seen so far, the locally stored images are also suggested in the container area, if there with “+Add Container” a container is to be installed and its name is typed in the docker.io search box.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for me. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Unfortunately I am still a Linux beginner and a bit overwhelmed with the troubleshooting or containment and therefore would like to ask for help in this thread.

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Help me please, to understand a bit more. I am confused. You opened the topic in the “Docker Hub” category and you mention docker.io search box, but you have Portainer in the title and you would like to see locally stored images. I just don’t understand where.

Do you expect to see your pulled images in the search box of Docker Hub or is that search box in Portainer?

I mean the docker.io search box in portainer where I expect to find my local pulled docker images.

I installed portainer to try it. I have to click on the search button and it opens Docker Hub in my web browser. Before I started to type it suggested “php” for me, but only that, nothing else and I don’t have any php image locally, so I guess my browser remembered something, not Portainer. I tried the one on the “images” page and the one on the “Containers” page (as you also mentioned). That page is where I could expect to search for locally built images, but not really when the field starts with docker.io.

For me docker.io means the Docker Hub, so it shouldn’t search for local images. If those images are pulled from Docker Hub and if you can search on Docker Hub using that search box, it doesn’t even need to search for local images.

I don’t know the tutorials you mentioned. Can you link one here?

I can check it and maybe I get a better idea what is going on. Since I don’t use Portainer, I am afraid this is the best I can offer.

I am facing the same issue… any luck ?

Unless someone can share some details or links that I asked for, I don’t think we can help and since this is not a Docker question, I recommend trying to get support from the Portainer community. You would have better chance to find someone who knows what you are referring to.