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Ports are blocked... error while installing UCP in Ubuntu 16.04

(Vignesh Pamu) #1

Hi All,

I am trying to install Docker DDC in Ubuntu 16.04 and Docker CS Engine have already installed.
While installing UCP, I am getting the error :

“FATA[0040] The following required ports are blocked on your host: 12381, 2376, 12380, 12386, 12382, 12379, 12384, 12385, 12376, 443, 12383. Check your firewall settings.”

I tried to open the ports using the ufw available in Ubuntu but of no use.
Can any one explain the correct steps to open the ports in Ubuntu 16.04 using any available tool and to install the DDC in Ubuntu ?


(Danyal316) #3

Hi , were you able to get the answer or solution ?