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Portus still doesn't show images

[Edited for clarity]

Hi All,

After struggling with some issues and fixing them (hopefully), Portus still don’t see the images in my registry. When I delete or push images, I see records added to the registery_events table in the db, but nothing appears in the gui. Also, there is no ‘mages’ table in my db.

I fixed the sync strategy in the config of Portus to “update-delete” but that doesn’t seem to help.

I’ve seen several issues about similar problems, but none of them seem to explain in simple terms, what is the correct way to set up everything.

So can someone reply with a procedure to setup Portus and the local registry, end-to-end? Of course, I’d expect such a procedure to appear in the Portus docs. I mean, this is the heart of the whole matter.