Possible DNS issue with Docker Desktop v4.29.0 and above

My nodejs application runs as a docker container. With Docker Desktop v4.29.0 & v4.30.0 when I try to use http://localhost:3010/login in a browser in host, I get 404 Not Found
Everything else remaining the same, if I downgrade to Docker Desktop v4.28.0, it works as expected.
I have a suspicion that this is a DNS issue with Docker Desktop v4.29.0 and above, where it is not able to resolve localhost

404 Not Found means there is a server on the other side which returns this HTTP error code. Docker Desktop doesn’t have to resolve anything here. It happens in your browser and localhost is never handled by a DNS server. If the error caused by Docker Desktop indirectly, you will still need to find some logs in a container to find out why it returns 404.