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Pricing policy of Docker

(Inovikovmadfingergames) #1


Would be greatful for explanation of new pricing policy of Docker. It is clear about subscription for “Private Repos”. This is what Docker was offering before June 2015. But it’s not quite clear about “Server” and “Cloud” subscriptions both including “10 Docker Engines for your servers”. What exactly I get for my money? How Docker is charging for this? I mean previously it was as simple as to create a virtual machine on Google Compute Engine which would run Docker Engine for me. Does Docker limit it now in some way?

Thank you,

(Skwokmag) #2


I am interested to know the answer as well but unfortunately I can’t find it by doing a search. Does “10 Docker Engines” mean if it is for cloud, then there will be 10 vm available for the subscriber to use? If it is, then what is the spec for them?

Thank you.