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Private registry returns 404 on tags

(Jmiraglia) #21

Woops, yes, Stackfile, I’ve corrected spelling.

(Fabio Napoleoni) #22

Getting same issue with public gitlab. Unable to deploy a service.

AFAIK the only workaround is to manually enter the image name in Stackfile, correct?

Any ETA for a fix in web interface?

(Oliveirafilipe) #23

Any update from @jmiraglia @joseym 's ticket? Almost a year, so far, and i’m still stuck in the same issue? I’m using container registry and the docker cloud WebUI

(Jmiraglia) #24

No known resolution to this. I’m moving over to kubernetes on GKE. Seems like Docker cloud is no longer being actively developed.

(Grgarcia) #25

still no solution to this?