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Private submodules

(Evan Prodromou) #1

Private submodules on Github have been notoriously difficult with the autobuilder on Docker Hub.

Is it possible to do a similar workaround with Docker Cloud? I can’t find a way to get the actual SSH key for the Docker Cloud autobuilder agent.

(Hansef) #2

Bump - I’d like to be able to cancel my Quay account, but this is a total blocker for me right now.

(Jakirkham) #3

Bump - Would be interested in trying Docker Cloud instead of Docker Hub (or possibly switching to Quay), but the fact this feature is missing is a total blocker for me too.

(Ryan Kennedy) #4

Hi @hansef, @jakirkham Docker Cloud provides a similar capability for building repositories with linked private submodules. To learn more about the feature, check out: